Domain Naming Tips for your Local Business 

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Domain Naming Tips

if you want to best Domain naming tips read this article.

Most people will name their website after their business. If the name of their business is Jon’s Dry cleaning then they get the domain m. for their website.

That works when someone puts your business name into the Google search engine. But what you really want is for your website to come up when they search for Spokane Dry Cleaning in Google.

If you name your Website m you will have a much better chance of showing up in the Spokane search.

Domain Naming Tip for Possessive

If you watch the Video it brings up another thought of mine. I do not like Possessives in a name. The problem is do you type Scott’s or Scotts? Anything that could confuse the confusable I try to keep out of the name. 

Domain Name Dashes

Do not put dashes in your website name. It is better to add another word in front or behind if you cannot get the exact name you want. You can put Fast, My, Your, PDQ or Friendly or any number of words before or after your website name.

Easy Domain Naming Tips

You want it to be easy to tell people what your website name is especially for a local business. Dashes are hard for us mere mortals to type into a name.

Length of your Domain Name

I am comfortable with long domain names. Make sure you do not have words that can be easily misspelled in your name. I do not recommend intentionally misspelling a word in your domain. Many people substitute 4 or 2 to replace a word. I do not like that. Keep it Simple to type and simple for a first timer to remember. Being simple to tell someone how to type your domain name into the computer is a real plus.

Domain Keywords

You want your keywords in the domain name. If you are a local business if there is any way you can use your town name in the Domain name do it. You can also put your town name in front of your name or after it.

Like This works best if your store name includes your keyword.

The keywords you want to rank for are the cities in your area that your customers or potential customers live in along with the services you provide.

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