Free Website Hosting Good Or Bad?

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Free Website Hosting

I am very Opinionated about Free Website Hosting. If you are planning on building a long term business online with free hosting you will be disappointed.

My Free Website Hosting Experiences

I have built several sites with free web hosting. There is a long term problem with free web hosting. Every business must make money. It is expensive to host websites. The host either must put advertising on your website or have a way to make money from you or they will go out of business.

Free Web Hosts Go Out of Business

I can name several Free Website Hosting companies that have gone out of business. For instance Yahoo 360, Geocities, Farechase, Launchcast, My Web, Audio Search, Pets, Live, Kickstart, Briefcase and Yahoo! for Teachers and these are just websites that have gone out of business from Yahoo.At one time Geocities was the third busiest website on the World wide web. Here is a quote from Wikipedia on how big Geocities was:

“The domain attracted at least 177 million visitors annually by 2008 according to a study.[33]

ComScore stated that the Geocities had 18.9 million unique visitors from the U.S. in March 2006. In March 2008 Geocities had 15.1 million unique U.S. visitors. In March 2009 Geocities had 11.5 million unique visitors, a 24% decline from March 2008.[3]” Geocities shut their doors in 2009.

I spent a lot of time building “Googlepages” websites. I thought the biggest up and coming web company has built this great free web hosting that would never go away. That project was morphed into Google Sites and all the sites I had built were massacred as they were converted to Google sites. I went back and rebuilt some of them.  

This loss of my pages taught me that I will spend most of my energy on building websites that I own. Millions of pages that have been built on “Free Websites” were lost and millions more will be lost when these Free hosts shut down.

Recreational Website Building

If you are just wanting to play around on the internet, or have a personal website then by all means use free hosting. If you are looking to represent your business online, or build an online business then I do not recommend free hosting.

What are Free Hosts Good For?

I do build small websites on some of the Web 2.0 properties but I will not put a lot of energy into any site that I do not own. The main focus of my website building is building authority sites and building mailing lists.

My Recommendation on Free Website building. Build pages on Hubpages, Ezine Articles, Google Knol, Squidoo, and Sites.Google that link back to a website that you own. Do it to promote a Website you Own not to promote Hubpages, Squidoo or their websites.

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