How are Domains VS Hosting Different?

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Some people get confused about the difference between Domains vs Hosting.

Domain Names

A Website Domain Name will be the address of your site, like is the name of this website. The Domain name will be registered and there is a yearly charge for keeping a domain name. Most companies charge between $8 and $12 a year for each Domain you have registered with them.

Domain Hosting

Hosting is where the website resides on the web. There are a lot of hosting companies who will host your website. This may or may not be the same company that you have your Domain name registered through. Most Hosting companies will charge from $6 per month to $20 per month for hosting. It will normally be cheaper to pay for your hosting on a yearly or multiyearly basis. Usually you will get a Domain name as part of your hosting package.

So you see the difference between Domains vs Hosting is pretty simple.

WordPress Hosting

Check out this article on WordPress Hosting.

What is a SubDomain or Subfolder?

Most websites offering free hosting will put your website on a Subdomain or a subfolder of their main domain. A subdomain will have the address of the subdomain in front of the domain name separated by a (.).

As and example a Google Sites free website address is

** **

The Domain name is, the subdomain is and the folder is /site/straigttalkwirelessfaqs/

So with Google Sites, the free hosting offered by Google, your website will be a subfolder of the subdomain.

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