How Title And Tags Affect Your Video Visibility On YouTube 

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How Title And Tags Affect Your Video Visibility On YouTube 

Uploading a video on YouTube is a quite simple task but you need to consider one question – are you sure your video is going to be watched?

Take a look at this 5 minute video How Title And Tags Affect Your Video Visibility On YouTube  which explains the basics and at the very least should be added for all your uploaded YouTube videos…

When you upload a video on YouTube, you need to supply the title, description and the tags. The most important among these three is the title.

In deciding your title, you need to do a thorough research on this so you know what people are actually searching for.

The next two sentences of your video description also play an important role. You may include several paragraphs in your description but your focus should be on that two sentences. Having a call to action within that sentences is vital.

The tags in your video are extremely important too. Significantly, you need to properly tag your YouTube video.

How Title And Tags Affect Your Video Visibility On YouTube

There are four types of tags: specific, compound, generic, and misspelled tag.

Specific tags are basically one word while compound tags are tags that are composed of several keywords. So if you’re video is about Google Penguin 2.1 update, you can use Google as your specific keyword and Google Penguin 2.1 Update as your compound tag.

The third type of tag, generic tag, is like “how to”. Some examples are tutorialmarketingsearch engine, and search engine optimization.

Lastly, make sure you misspell some words. Search for frequently misspelled keywords and include it in your tags.

However, take note that the limit for tags is 500 characters. Also, be careful not to mislead your tags or titles in your YouTube videos because this really affects the video ranking performance.

How Title And Tags Affect Your Video Visibility On YouTube

Creating and uploading compelling videos is not enough to gain popularity on YouTube. Making your videos visible is essential!

How to make your YouTube video visible and easy to find? Concentrate on the three key areas: title, description, and tags. Keep in mind that your targeted keywords must be included in the first few words of your video title. For your description, start it with a video URL. Besides, you need to be more descriptive in writing the content of your description. Finally, incorporate all the related keywords in the tags field.

Using relevant titles and tags and writing a quality and keyword-rich content lead to having more page views, comments, likes and subscribers – affecting the visibility of your videos on YouTube.

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