How To Be First On Google Search Using Videos

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How To Be First On Google Search Using Videos

Using YouTube video is one method on how to be first on Google search using videos increase your exposure and get more visitors to your website.

There are many ways to tell Google and the other search engines around that you exist.

And would like to be found easily when a browser person types in specific niche related keyword phrases.

Google has evolved into a sophisticated algorithm which now leans towards.

The more natural way and detecting unique and fresh content driven by niche authorities.

Who post on a regular basis about niche related content and has blended

It self into the working practices we humans tend to act and behave – those clever bots!

One method that is often ignored or overlooked to help build traffic to your website is YouTube video as an marketing tool.

Using video is now so popular that it’s become the leading and most effective way to get you message out there.

How To Be First On Google Search Using Videos – YouTube Method

Here are some simple steps to get you started and is by no means the only approach or the full list of alternatives.

just a handful to get you into the YouTube zone!

 1. Create a video and upload it to YouTube

Which means you will need an account (which is free) and complete the upload process.

Don’t forget to complete a description of the video add keyword tags for YouTube to categorise and help the search engines find your video.

The one biggest mistake users forget to also include is to ensure you have edited the video.

(via the YouTube basic authoring tools) to include your website link at least twice during the presentation and also in the description field which is a clickable link too.

2. Embed the same video into your website (blog) 

And add some content to support your new post.

This is where you can add and place your long tail keyword phrases and get your new post optimised for google too.

Make sure you add content before and after the embedded video, add your keywords and include heading 1 and heading 2 formatting with the sweet spot keyword phrase.

A typical post could look something like a blog about doing keyword research and finding good keyword phrases.


 3. Building some backlinks

Will help you get the message out and widen your audience.

The internet is designed to be social and network with people who know other people making this truly viral.

You can of course outsource this task using the likes of Fiverr but be careful to first review vendor profiles.

And make sure it’s not a spam list of backlinks being provided.

Which the Google search engines are wising up to nowadays.

There are rules when locating and finding services to place and recommend your site.

You need to research this area first before you just apply and place your details

How to be first on Google search

Is a matter of applying the above simple steps by adding your video to YouTube, embedded.

It into a blog post and apply the long tail keywords phrases.

so in time the search engines will find and index you and that means when some searching for content in your niche.

You may just be the first or first page position.


Remember not to overstuff your keyword phrases and repeat broad words too much as Google will notice this and demote your website rankings.

Have you been affected by the recent Google changes?

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