How To Build a Small Business Listing WebSite 

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Build a Small Business Listing Site

A Small Business Listing Site is a basic website build a small business to show up for searches in a local market. For instance the local Carpet Cleaner would like to be the first listing for Spokane Carpet Cleaning if they were in Spokane.

There are many small businesses that need an online listing. The local Dry Cleaner, Physical Therapist, Massage Therapist, Bakery, Bicycle shop, Barber Shop, Carpet Cleaner, Plumber or what have you all want and should have an online presence. Most website companies will charge you $400 to $700 to set up your basic site and then $20 to $30 a month to host the website.

What does a Small Business Listing Website need to Provide?

  • The Phone number
  • The Location
  • What the Business Does
  • Show some Personality

It really doesn’t take all that much for your listing to show up. The main purpose for many local websites is to be a listing so when someone searches for your business phone number or address.

Domain Naming

Before you purchases your Domain for your small business check out this Domain Naming Tips Article.???

Easiest Way to Build your Website

The easiest way for you to build a Small Business Site is with Homstead WebBuilder. They are owned by Intuit (also known as Quicken). They have a $5 a month plan. This plan includes website building software, your choice of over 2,000 customizable templates and includes unlimited toll free phone support. The toll free phone support is unusual with a WebBuilder type of website.

SBI is overkill on building a Small Business site but it would work very well also. If you are looking to build your website into an online E Commerce site you would definitely want to go with Site Build it for the education and the ability to draw traffic.

I do not recommend using Homestead if you are looking to build an online sales company or anything other than just a basic online listing. The bump up to their $19.99 per month plan is not worth the extra fifteen per month in most situations. Their $50 per month plan is not a deal I would recommend either.

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