How to Make a Website Work

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How to make a Website Work is all about helping you get your content on the front pages of the search engines.

If your pages don’t get seen your website isn’t working. 

The future of Search Engine Results

The search engines have gotten more and more efficient at putting Original Content on the front page of their results.

They want to put the best most keyword relevant articles on the front page of their search results. 

Original Content vs Duplicate Content

This is a Huge subject to me. This is one of the most important factors if you want to Make a Website Work.

Here is an article that explains Original Content vs Duplicate Content.

Traffic to your Site

If your Website does not get traffic it cannot work. The whole potential value to your site will be if you can get traffic to it.

I prefer to do this without paying for traffic. I prefer to get traffic to my site by ranking for keywords in the search engines.

Online Business Models

There are a lot of online business models. This is not a list of all the types of websites

Just the online models I either have an opinion on or some experience building.

  • Content Site
  • Authority Websites
  • Small Business Listing Site
  • Small Business Ecomerce Site
  • Multiple Adsense Sites
  • Auto Blogging
  • Article Directories
  • Directory Sites
  • Affiliate websites
  • Blogs
  • Scraper Sites
  • Personal Site

WebBuilder Website Companies

There are several WebBuilder companies you can use to make a website that have domain purchase, website builder and hosting combined.

I call these WebBuilder Companies. Some of these companies have very extensive educational programs combined with there service and others are more like here is the program, go learn it.


Building a Website with a Website Hosting Company

There are several options for making a website that usually require separate hosting.

I do not think these models are the best way to start a “How to Make a Website Work” project unless you have a lot of website building knowledge.

If you have a lot of Web Building Knowledge you probably aren’t on this website.

But many very knowledgeable website builders do not know how to get Traffic to their sites.

  • Free Hosting
  • WordPress with Hosting*
  • Joomla with Hosting*
  • Xsite Pro with hosting
  • Flash website builder
  • Blogging

Website Hosting

There are a thousands of Web Hosting Companies. These companies for $75 to $150 a year will host your website on their shared servers.

There are a lot of things to look for in your Web Hosting company if that is the direction your website building is going.

Domain Name Hosting

There are a lot of companies that offer Domain Name Hosting.

I am writing an articles about What is a Domain Name, Domain Naming Tips, Choosing a Domain Name, The best place to buy your Domain.

Articles in Process

I also have a lot of articles that will help your Website Work for You.

What do I mean by that? If you build a website and millions of people do, but you are the only one that sees your site then your website is not working.

My “How to Make a Website Work” theories and “Original Content Focus” will run throughout my articles. 

Check out more Articles on How to Make a Website.

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