How To Submit Website To Search Engines?

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Submit Website To Search Engines

If you have a website and want people to find it, you need to submit it to search engines. Submitting your website is free and easy, and only takes a few minutes.

This article will tell you how to submit your website to the most popular search engines: Google, Yahoo!, and Bing.

In the future Crawlers, Robots and Spiders will run the world.

Well I mean the internet and this is now where the Crawlers, Robots and Spiders automatically over time detect your website.

And index any new pages placing you in a results page position known as SERPS.

However you can alert and tell he Robots or Bots

So how do I submit my website to search engines? First decide which search engine!

There are several engines around but the main three are listed below:

Google – Then most popular browser on the planet for now at least and constantly changing their algorithms or how they index and place your Website.

Bing – Microsoft biting back with their own version and is deemed the default when using the Internet Explorer browser again Microsoft’s.

Yahoo – Another popular search engine service which has a rich set of tools and is also associated to Bing when managing the submitting your website URL.

How Do I Submit My Website To Search Engines?

Using the three listed sites, you are covering roughly 90% of all searches done on the Internet.

Each search engine will have their own set of rules and manually submitting your web sites will typically get you better results and alert the crawlers earlier.

How To Submit Website To Search Engines?

To submit your page or website to Google you can use the webmaster URL crawl tool which is part of Google’s toolbox for maintaining the website analytics.

Do not just add your home page main domain name but the new page added which should contain the full URL.

For example, a post from last week about using the free SEO tools around on the internet had a permalink URL.


Would be a good example when submitting to the crawlers.

Both Bing and Yahoo have merged when submitting your website or page to their respective search engines.

You can use Bing’s Webmaster tool URL submission service which is part of MSN.

With this service however you only need to submit your home page domain name i.e.

Take the time to look around the site services and familiarise yourself the tools available.

There is more to consider and study especially when wanting to carry out some of the analysis to help optimise your website further.


To submit a website to search engines, the webmaster needs to follow these steps:

1) Find the URL of the submission page for the search engine.
2) Enter the URL of your website.
3) Fill out any additional information required.
4) Click submit.
5) Check back later to see if your website has been indexed by the search engine.

Which search engine do you use?

Do you have or know of other search engines that you would like to share below in the comments box?

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