How To Use Facebook As A Page To Communicate Well

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How To Use Facebook As A Page

I found this article on EzineArticles which covers the well known strategies of the way you use Facebook as a page and become an important contributor the world’s best known website.

Read it, it’s always a great reminder and you can never stop revisiting ideas.

Use Facebook As A Page

How to Communicate Well On Your Facebook Fan Page

Communication is fundamental in keeping people on your Facebook fan page. Building up that initial fan base is only the first step.

The key to keeping them coming back to your Facebook fan page and forming a community is having clear communication.

The web is packed full of abandoned Facebook fan pages without any daily visitors.

Most of which started out on the right track but quickly fell apart due to faulty communication.

Load Plenty Of Links

There are several things you can do to continually interact with and generally increase fans to Facebook fan page.

For example: You should constantly upload links. It’s important to make sure that not all of these links are sales-related they can just be generally connected to your business niche.

If fans feel as if they are constantly on the receiving end of a sales pitch, they will quickly get bored and abandon your page in droves.

Also a great thing about non-sales links is that they are a good catalyst for discussion.

Start Discussions

Starting discussions should be one of your priorities.

Always try to get your fans to share their opinions on your Facebook fan page and absolutely never censor them.

You should not worry about negative comments on your fan page.

It is much more important for your fans to feel that they have absolute freedom to share their opinions and that your page is a good place for discussion.

You want to instill a sense of community into your page ideally.

It should be a place where they can keep coming back to share ideas with other people about your business and related subjects.

Encourage Participation

Try to encourage all your fans to participate in discussions.

You can engage them with contests or fun challenges to keep their interest, an easy solution to how to get Facebook fans.

If you want more fans on your Facebook fan page, you should always treat your fans like adults.

Answer each comment and question in a personal, one-on-one manner.

Never be patronizing or even worse, insulting. Do not spam.

Remember people do not want to feel as if they are being sold to.

If you brand your page properly and make sure that your landing page has enough content your interaction with your fans does not need to be a sales pitch.

Update A Lot And Be Consistent

As always, the most important aspect of any social media platform is making sure to update a lot and to update constantly.

Also take advantage of the interconnected nature of today’s social media.

You can communicate with your fans by linking Twitter, YouTube and your various blogs with your Facebook fan page.

One of the most pressing problems in Facebook branding is how to get Facebook fans, but the real problem is how to keep them once you get them.

Your fans can be a way to get more Facebook likes almost without any interaction from you, once you have a community established.

If you can make your Facebook fan page an interesting place for discussion and interactive content.

Then you have the “how to get Facebook fans” problem practically solved in the long term.

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Conclusion – How To Use Facebook As A Page

So what’s the message here? Simple! Create a plan and spend 30 minutes a day socialising both with your own profile and as many fan pages that you have.

When you use Facebook as a page (a fan page) it tells others that you are not just a social ‘junky‘ telling everyone and anyone where you are currently sitting and drinking coffee.

It separates your personal interests from business, niche ideas and formal forms of communication and interests and both serve each other well too.

Learn to spend time on both and be pro-active – do not always post to sell something to be more human and talk to others – interact!

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