How To Write Articles For SEO

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Article Writing Tips

how to write articles for SEO

I found this article from EzineArticles which talks about how to write articles for SEO (search engine optimization).

You have seen or read many examples and opinions from many different authors and experts and with this article it’s no different.

So why did I bother to include it as a blog post here?

First take a read and then I will give some food for thought.

How To Write Articles For SEO

Writing Articles for an SEO is a very important part of work from home.

Why am I saying is? This is because article writing increases traffic for an online website.

SEO works very strongly on Articles. These articles contain the keywords that increase traffic on the website thereby increasing profits for the website.

Let us see what you need to know about writing articles for an SEO.

To write an article you are generally given a topic. The topic is the what you are supposed to write about.

The topic is given to you so that based on that you write about your views and what you get from the internet about it.

Once you have finalized your topic and thoroughly researched about it. You can get down to writing it.

Remember at all times to keep the article you are writing simple and original.

By original I mean that you must not copy word to word from articles available online.

You must write it in your own words giving it originality. Just start writing and you will get the hang of it with every article you write.

You must remember to make sure you have included the correct keyword in your article.

The identified keyword must appear in your article at least 3 to 4 times. Please ensure that you don t use the keyword too many times in the same paragraph.

Article SEO Tips

The keyword in the article should fit in just right. It shouldn’t look like you have placed it in the article forcefully.

Progressing from point to pint on the article will develop it ultimately into a beautiful Article ready to draw a lot of online traffic.

The Article should contain an introduction, progressing into the body of the article and then conclusion and ending.

Following these steps from introduction to conclusion will help you get a properly placed and written article. Once you have written your article don’t forget to review it.

Reviewing will be required to check for any typo errors or any grammatical errors that may be found.

Reviewing will be required only for a while once you have written a few articles then you will definitely be good at what you do and won’t need to review your articles.

Following these steps will give really good quality articles.

Remember that quantity is not that important it is always the quality that matters.

Good quality Articles will fetch the website good online traffic and if the website does well.

It will benefit you because you will get paid better and better with the website moving up the Search Engine.

Hence I can say that Articles are an integral and important part of any website and well written articles benefit both the website and the person writing the articles.

You can work as a free lance content or article writer. Nowadays it pays really well. Some websites have even started paying out on a weekly basis.

But getting paid on a monthly basis is also not bad. If you really work hard you don’t even have to do a regular job just write good articles and earn your living!

Article Source:

How To Write Articles For SEO – My Thoughts

There are some obvious and good points here to help make sure you at least include some if not all the items mentioned in this article.

It’s talks about keeping within the topic or perhaps we should call it niche.

It mentions placing keywords several times for the search engines to be tagged and optimized.

It’s also mentions an introduction flowing into the body with a conclusion and ending.

If the author of this article put some of this into practice, then you really can leverage and optimize further.

It fails to really mention and now using the correct terminology a good title with sweet spot keywords, a summary description prior to the introduction and the conclusion?

Well, this should be a call to action (CTA) making the reader take some sort of action.

The bio or the ending part of the article is a missed opportunity for a call to action and unfortunately.

It fails to follow the points mentioned in the article on how to write articles for SEO.

Did you see what I did here in my blog?

How about giving me your thoughts?

Why not comment your exerpiences and thoughts on this too in the reply box below.

Oh! wait a minute! Did you see what I did again?

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