SEO For Blogs: Avoid Blogging Mistakes When Using SEO For Blog Post

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Introduction: SEO For Blogs

Seo for blogs

If you are a regular to this website, you will know the term SEO (stands for Search Engine Optimization). This quick article is about SEO for blogs and more importantly how to avoid some simple mistakes when blogging.

The first point to make is why do you blog at all? For a business or commercial environment.

It’s a good strategy to place good keyword phrases (long tail keywords that is) and increase your rankings.

Increasing traffic to your website and convert prospect visitors to paying customers.

But certain strategies will help you reduce the time creating a blog, maximise and optimise your content.

Which is a free and easy way to market and promote your business.

Seo For Blogs: Blogging Mistakes When Using SEO For Blog Post

Here are the simple some seo for blogs mistakes to avoid when blogging away:

1. No Keywords

Not using strong and quality driven keyword phrases will be like milking a cow and then throwing the milk away.

SEO for blogs starts with finding keyword phrases, keywords that known as ‘long tail keywords’ which typically consist of three words.

All you need to do is choose one primary keyword phrase and apply and thread that same phrase into the article content several times but not to over saturate it (less than 4% of total content).

2. Incorrect Titles

Using your primary keyword phrases must bein the title of your blog too. Search engines looks at titles giving it a higher importance to ranking you against your competitors.

It also allows you to attract the right readers to your site too. Don’t forget to add the keyword phrase as close to the beginning of the title as possible keeping it still natural to read.

3. Duplicating content

Is frowned upon with SEO for blogs as the search engines will ignore duplicate content altogether.

So if you are a not first in the queue then you will be ignored and probably penalised too Be original, interesting and unique with your blog post.

Your readers want to know there is a human being with emotions talking about experiences one can relate to which in turn builds a relationship and trust over time.

Your readers will also feel they can communicate back (via reply comments) and SEO just loves this form of dialogue! 

4. Don’t go too wide

your blog post needs to pitched correctly regarding the niche.

A wide niche means you compete with a lot more websites out there compared to a narrower niche having less competitors helping you to land on the first page.

Keep the niche narrow enough as well as specific to your business or more accurately within the context of your domain name which should contain a good niche keyword phrase.

I’m writing about this topic and my domain name (FindingKeywordPhrases) is relevant which the SEO crawlers will notice and eventually credit me.

Just some pointers for you to get started as there are more techniques and strategies one can deploy.

I’m welcome your comments below (in the reply box) and ask what techniques.

Do you use in SEO for blogs that you find gets you more traffic?

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