SiteSell Brainstormer What is it?

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What is it?

The SiteSell Brainstormer is the foundation of SBI.

The first six days of the Website building class revolve around learning and implementing the Brainstormer.

The information you get from the Brainstormer is the basis of the website you are about to build. It will help you choose your niche, help you get the right sized niche, and help you compare your options. 

The Output of the Brainstormer with your collaboration is your Master Keyword List which you use to pick your domain name and build your pages.

Your new SiteSell website is then built around your Master Keyword List. It all flows from your mind and the Brainstormer. There are a lot of little decisions that you make to direct your keyword list toward your interest and toward profitable keywords.

Getting to know the Brainstormer is easy and you learn a lot, a little at a time.

The Master Keyword List that you and the Brainstormer produce can be Gold.

In my opinion the BrainStormer section of Site Build It is worth way more than $300 a year by itself, I hope Ken Evoy is not listening*. I think he already knows.

Check out the SiteSell Brainstormer and Action Guide

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