Most SiteSell FAQS In The World

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SiteSell FAQS

Here are a lot of SiteSell Faqs Answers i hope you understand SiteSell FAQS.

What do I need to know to Start SBI?

You need to know how to read, and access a website over the internet. You will be taught everything you need to learn as you need it.

How powerful of a Computer do I need?

Any computer that can access the internet is powerful enough. All of the work on your website will be done by the computers at SiteSell.

How Fast does my Internet Access need to be?

While fast internet access is nice, you could easily build your site with dial up. In fact if you do not have internet access you could easily build your site by using the free internet access at most public libraries across the country.

Where can I access my website from?

I have built pages on my sites from China, Thailand, and obviously in the United States. Anywhere you can get online you can probably sign in to your website at Site Build It. All you need is your Username and Password. The ultimate Portable Business.

Can I only work on SBI from One Computer?

I have accessed and built pages on my site from at least a dozen different computers. SBI does not store any information on your computer. When you sign into your SBI account all your pages are accessible.

Will SBI work for everyone?

No absolutely not. It is simple so most people who can read and write can succeed. Learning and work are both required. You do not need to use any outside resources to build your SiteSell Site. If you do not work at this program and at least get to 30 pages your website will probably not work.

Do I need to learn a programming language?

No, you will learn a lot of new words, I have a Glossary if you want to find a definition or a different explanation of a concept.

How much does it cost per year?

Currently it is $299 per year for Site Build it. The conversion from Canadian dollars to US dollars sometimes will charge you a few extra or a few less dollars.

What is the SBI Guarantee?

SBI has a unique guarantee. Use it for 90 days and if you do not like it for any reason you can get a full refund. The guarantee used to be 30 days but was extended to 90 days because by ninety days you will know for sure if SBI will work for you. After 90 days if you decide to quit you can and you can be refunded for the balance of your subscription. For Instance after five months you would be refunded 6/12 of $299.

How do I access the Site Build It Forum?

You have to purchase SiteSell to access and join in the Forum. On your SiteCentral home page there is a link on the top right to go to the SiteSell Forum.

How do you measure success with a website?

For most websites you guage the success of the site by how much traffic you get. There are no exact measures of traffic to a website that someone who does not own the website can see. However Alexa has an approximate measure of any website on the internet. It works well to give a benchmark as to the success your site has at getting traffic.

Are there any Successful SBI websites?

This is one of my favorite questions. The only company that I have seen that puts out a list of several hundred of their successful websites. This was the page that pushed me over the top to believing that I could build a success ful website with a SiteSell Website.

What is an Affiliate Program?

Being an Affiliate of a company is like being a straight Commission Salesman. In the Internet world when a visitor to your website clicks on an affiliate link (it will look like a regular link) if that visitor buys from that merchant then you get credit for the sale. There are a lot of different options on how this works.

Do Search Engines like SBI?

Absolutely. The Search engines are always looking for good niche information. If you build your website the SBI way you will score well with the search Engines like Google, MSN, and Ask

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