SiteSell Review Is it All That?

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Is it All That?

I have a little trouble giving an unbiased SiteSell Review, but here goes. I make my living with a couple of SBI sites so I am very fond of them.

SiteSell also known as Site Build It, is a SiteBuilder type Web hosting company with a bit extra.

Yes it includes Domain Name Registration, Web Hosting, a simple blog setup for your site, in house mail list builder, Site Map, Rss feed and more. Check the bottom of this page for a more complete list of what comes with SiteSell.

SiteSell Website Education

It is the SiteSell educational plan that is exceptional.

The SiteSell Ten Day Educational Plan seems too simple when you first start. They have made it simple enough so nearly anyone can understand and succeed with the class. As you get going with the class everything starts to fall into place. You are only taught what is needed to brainstorm and build your site. My Sitesell Review of the SBI education.

The Big Mistake and SBI

The Ten Days of SBI classes are set up to keep you from making The Big Mistakes.

In my opinion Most websites fail to get traffic because they are not built with a viable keyword list and a plan. The cohesive keyword list created by you and the SBI Brainstormer is critical to building a successful site.

By day six of the ten day plan you will have a correctly sized niche, a keyword list, a Domain Name and an overall website plan. The SiteSell Review.

As you start building pages, each page in your SBI Brainstormed plan will be built around a keyword that has enough competition to be worthwhile but possibly attainable so your page might rank in the Search Engines.

Brainstormer by Site Build It

The Brainstormer section of SiteSell sets it apart from other Website building software. The Brainstormer has evolved and improved a lot over the years.

Brainstormer is Evolving

I first used it in 2005 and I had a really tough time understanding how it worked and what it was trying to do. (Might be the way my brain does or doesn’t work.) The latest version of the Brainstormer program is very simple to use and very well explained. My SiteSell Review.

Ken Evoy Founder of SiteSell

Ken Evoy is the Founder and Chairman of the Board of the Sitesell Corporation.

Here is a Quote from Wikipedia on Ken Evoy:

Ken Evoy (born September 25, 1953 in Montreal, Canada) is the founder and Chairman of the Board of SiteSell and was one of Canada’s most productive toy makers in the 1990s.[2] Evoy’s game design company (named Isovoy Inc. – a mix of his and his wife’s surnames) went on to create and license more than 20 toy creations between 1985 and 1998.

This history in business, along with the education that resulted from his graduating McGill University with an M.D. in 1979, helped Evoy create SiteSell Inc. This company designs and develops a hosted “web business-building system”[3] called Site Build It! 2.0 (SBI! 2.0) that has 40,000+ members.[4], Evoy’s claim is to uses his knowledge of the Internet marketing industry to help “small small businesses” succeed on the Internet.

Evoy’s evolution in the online marketing industry has led to the popularity of the online term “pre-selling” which was first used in his company’s online newsletter geared to affiliates “5 Pillar Report” back in July 1999: “Remember when we talk about pre-selling? What you write will directly affect how many people click-through…So take your time and get it right.”

The Ten Days with SBI (SiteSell)

You start out with three or more website ideas.

You feed these ideas into the Brainstormer.

You evaluate and rip and shred the Master Keyword Lists that the Brainstormer puts out.

You finally hone down your 3 Keyword lists that you and the Brainstormer have built.

You visit and learn a bit from the SiteSell Forum, the best website building forums I have been on, another part of the SBI website ownership.

You evaluate the Monetization possibilities of your three Niche ideas.

More back and forth with the Brainstormer.

You decide on your Website Niche. SBI has helped you to get the niche big enough to potentially make money and small enough that you can be competitive. This is unique to the Brainstormer process from the other website building processes I have used. Sizing your Niche is very important for you to build a website that works.

You use your Master Keyword list to build your SiteSell Site Plan.

Now you register your New Domain Name.

You start using the SBI Block Site Builder.

You get the first 30 pages of your website built.

This may take a couple of weeks or it may take a few months. It depends on the decisions you make along the way.

Once you have your keyword list you can build away on your site. Now is the time to focus on Content. You don’t have to worry about anything else, just writing original content articles.

Keyword Focused Articles. Each of the new pages in your website will be built with a single keyword focus. The definition of the keyword and how it fits into the theme of your website is what you will write your article about.

It is the Planning done by you and the SBI Brainstormer and your willingness to build your website according to your plan that make SBI and you successful.

Learn as You Go. This may seem complicated but you will learn what you need to know as you go along.

I have taken shortcuts in trying to build websites. It has not worked for me. The SBI plan has worked very well for me.

Rick The Original Content Guy and my SiteSell Review

SiteSell Review to How to Make a Website Work

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