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My name is MR.Ahmed and my background has been in IT and the Computer sector for nearly 10 years covering a wide range of services from teaching software, developing system solutions to building websites and applying optimisation techniques using strong and effective finding keywords and keyword phrases.


This website is about learning how to find, analyse and apply effective keywords and keyword phrases to get a step ahead of your competitors and land on that all important first page from popular search terms whether long tail or short tail.

This website contains blog posts, products and general tips to help users find out all about finding keyword phrases and how to leverage from other optimised websites utilising their valuable content and services with key tools and systems to help build your strong keyword list.


I created this website as I have found many people struggle to understand the purpose and the benefits of having a good keyword list and keyword phrases that all search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing look for and position you at the top.

Many website adminsitrators who provide services known as SEO (search engine optimisation) do not always deliver what they promise and you will pay through the roof just for good measure.

My mission (which I’ve chosen to accept!) is to show you or your team how you can take control and compile a list for yourself costing you only the time you are prepared to invest in learning and collecting the best advice around.


It is our sincere hope you find the information on our site useful and we look forward to your comments and questions via our Contact page.

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