WebBuilder Website What are they and How Well do they Work? 

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WebBuilder Website companies will have website building software tied to Hosting and Domain registration. This works very well in some parts of the website building business.

For instance a small business that wants an online presence but does not want to become a Website Guru. The website for a church or organization that is going to have a volunteer working on the website.

The Advantages of using a WebBuilder Website

  • The customer support can be very thorough. Since there is one program to work with the customer support is much easier. The knowledge base does not need to cover a huge array of problems.
  • Step by Step instructions on how to build your site. These programs will normally make it very simple to have your site up and running in an hour or less.
  • All the back office DNS, HTML, CSS, FTP, WYSIWYG, Javascript, stuff is behind the curtain so to speak. Their software handles every thing so you just have to write what you want to say and put it into boxes. If you can use a basic word processor you can build your site.
  • They will have lots of templates for you to choose from to make your site look the way you want.
  • Normally the WebBuilder Website Company will buy your domain name for you and get it pointed at their hosting. You tell them what you want and they get it done.
  • Some of these WebBuilder companies have very active forums. This is a great way to learn more and to get help with your site. If the forum is specific to the webBuilder site then the information will all be relevent to your site. Site Build it has an amazing Forum.

Disadvantages To WebBuilder Websites


With most of the WebBuilder sites you will be locked into their system. It might not be easy (it can always be done) to move to another web hosting service with the website you build with their system.

Advanced SEO.

If you are wanting to become a Website SEO expert you might have a little more trouble getting under the hood to change your settings to take advantage of the latest SEO tricks. Site Build It does not suffer this disadvantage.

Website Charges

Normally a monthly or yearly fee for one website. Some simple WebBuilder Websites charge way more than they are worth. There are two that can be good values depending on how you use them.

Professional Website Builders

The WebBuilder companies are kind of working under a cloud. Most professional web designers do not use a Webbuilder type of website. Many of the Pros want to build a site that the owner of the site cannot mess with. The Webuilder Websites can be awesome for the Beginning website builder.

My Opinion

WebBuilder Websites are usually the best way to build an Authority site or a single Small Business Web Listing Site. If you want to Really get into Building Websites the best education you can get is a Site Build It Website. If you want an inexpensive Simple to Build website that will act as an Online Phone and Address Listing then Homestead at $5 a month is hard to beat.

Site Build It is significantly different than the other Web Builder Website Companies..

WebBuilder Website link to How to Make a Website Work Home Page

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