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Avoiding Common Mistakes In Website Design Optimization

Website design optimization is a simple skill that really anyone can master with a little time and effort.

I used to outsource to SEO firms to optimize my websites and occasionally still do but more so to collect and pick the brains of the so called experts.

This was certainly the case over the last six weeks or so when Google decided not to just add one. but several Google algorithm updates causing a huge impact on many websites in losing a lot of traffic including myself.


SEO optimization is the practice of making your site easier to be found by users searching via the likes of Google, Bing and Yahoo to name a few.

but there are common mistakes that publishers will or tend to make when starting to optimize. their websites which search engines may not notice you at all! 

Avoiding Common Mistakes In Website Design Optimization – Here’s 5 Tips

So here are my five top tips to avoid when working on website design optimization which also relates to another post.

I recently wrote about some more basic SEO for blog mistakes made too.

1. Lack Of Keywords

The lack of Keywords in your copy which will make or break the website.

Some users use just one or two keywords which will be very broad indeed and will only be added to the copy once and maybe used as the only meta keywords or keyword tags but nowhere else.

You really need to balance the number of times you place the keyword phrases which ideally should be more natural for the user to find and search by and that probably means being at least three words long.

Make sure it’s also added to headlines, sub-headlines, placed at least two to three times in the copy added as part of the Meta keywords in some sort of anchor text link and added as the ‘ALT’ tag for an image too.

2. Avoid Poorly Written Content

Avoid poorly written content in your article but let’s be very clear here!

I’m not talking about your grammar and command of the English language or the language of choice.

But more about trying to please the search engines than just being natural and letting the content flow.

You must satisfy both the crawlers for SEO the (bots) and the reader too.

When trying to strategically place good keyword phrases and letting the copy make sense.

Most readers will not care about the odd grammatical mistake (perhaps they may frown upon more on the spelling mistakes!) as they are more interested in what you have to say.

The object is to weave the keyword phrases into the copy and not the other way around so that the reader gains the advantage and the crawlers.

The content needs to be compelling, interesting sometimes amusing and generally easy to read which includes shorter sentences and adding bullet points too.

3. SEO Attributes

Forgetting to add the SEO attributes to help the search engines is commonly overlooked as they are not always visible to the website or reader.

I’m talking about the Meta tags, keywords and description properties. The Meta tags, keywords and description attributes are for SEO only and appear in the header and behind the scenes of a page.

You want include the main keyword phrase as the first of up to five no more in the Meta tags and as your keywords too.

With the remaining four keyword phrases as alternatives but not to duplicate with the same words for each one.

The description property is where you add a narrative that users see when viewing the results page and ideally be enticed to click the link to land on your website.

Since the title of your page will be limited in the number of characters, one of website design optimization techniques is to expand the description property and confirm this is the page readers are looking for.

4. Navigation System And Layout

A poor navigation system and layout of your website will simply turn away your visitors and all that hard work of getting them to land on your page in the first place is wasted.

A badly designed website can include many aspects but you will need to make sure the menu options are clear and must include a Home, About, and Contact, links plus the other added min product and article links too.

Make sure they all work! You will be surprised how many links fail work and go nowhere other than land on the dreaded 404 error page which the search engines really hate and penalise you for.

Don’t over use colour and use mixed fonts and sizes. The content needs to be easy to read and clear to follow. The best format is really using black text on a white background.

I’ve seen sites which are too busy with rich background colour schemes and flashing images which are a pure distraction not to mention taking longer to fully load the page.

Keep any banners ads and advertising campaigns including Affiliate banner links too.

To a minimum as the site will appear to spammy and users will feel they are being sold something they are not ready for. 

5. Black Hat SEO

Heard about Black Hat SEO ?  Follow the Google’s SEO guidelines which will give you a head start. ‘Black Hat’ is a term used to capture bad practices with SEO that will get your website banned from search engines.

Yep, be very careful here There are some really bad attributes where unethical webmasters will try to beat Google SEO and other search engines.

The simple fact here is that you will never beat the likes of Google so don’t bother. Practices like hidden text white text on a white background will demote and ban the website being found.

Another attribute which to be fair may not be a deliberate action is not too overstuff you keyword phrases which means keep it rather less than more aiming for no more than 4% of the total body content.

There you have it! Some pointers to consider and check out.

Of course this is only beginning and you will need to know how to search for good keyword phrases and research more about good working practices when creating an article or blog post.

I welcome your comments below and ask you for your number one recommended tips you would like to share.

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