What is An Authority Website? 

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An authority website is a large site with a lot of resources about a specific topic.

That is what I am trying to do with this website and is my main focus in my other website building projects.

Authority Website

There are thousands of authority sites that get traffic. There are a few monster sites like Ezine Articles and Wikipedia that have millions of words that are written by individual authors.

You do not need to build a Monster site to be in the Authority Website business.

If you plan out your site to go after keywords that are not too competitive and your pages that rank for those keywords do well your site will come along in the rankings. 

Also your keyword list for your website needs to be built around a common theme.

I am in the Authority Website Bulding Business.

Qns: What is An Authority Website? 

Ans: I have several reasons why I am in the Authority site building business.

  • I want to build a long term income, a profitable business if you will.
  • I enjoy becoming very knowledgeable about a subject, after writing a hundred articles about a subject I tend to have a pretty good base of knowledge about the subject.
  • I enjoy both researching and writing.
  • Building one Authority site at a time is a great way to keep my focus from wandering. I have the ability to go in several directions at once and get nothing significant done. I believe I could have been a poster child for Attention Deficit Disorder.
  • The search engines (Google, Yahoo, Live) love authority sites. They have an insatiable appetite for information that is presented in an organized manner.
  • The more information that comes from one site the more comfortable the search engines are using your pages in their results.
  • Even new pages on a well established authority site will rank well.
  • The advertisements on my pages will make money long term because traffic will be stable and long term.
  • I am able to build focused email lists from my websites.
  • Email lists work very well to educate and market to a focused group.

I have only one recommendation for building an Authority Website. The training and I have gotten from Site Build It is the only way to go.

My History of Building Websites

I spent a couple of years trying to get my Microsoft Front Page website to rank.

I read through the help, I read a Frontpage for Dummies book. I never got traffic to my site. No wonder Microsoft quit selling Front Page.

I spent almost two years of my “TV time” building a Site Build It Website. This site has done very well for me.

It was in the top 1% of websites within two years. The traffic and profits have continued to grow since 2018.

Traffic is the Key

I have spent years working on several different WordPress sites trying to build traffic.

I built the sites on subjects I was already knowledgeable about so I did not have to do a lot of research.

I have had some success but the traffic my SBI site delivers makes all of my competing WordPress sites in the same niche look Pathetic.

I have gone back to my most successful website project building system SBI.

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