What is Original Content?

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Original Content is text, pictures and video’s that are produced and first posted on your site. It is content that cannot be found anywhere else on the internet.

Original Website Content is Human produced content for Human and Search Engine Consumption.

If you are not producing Original Website Content you will be left out of the search engines eventually.

Only debut Original Fresh Content on your website and the Search engines will come to realize that is all you produce.

Monster Content Generators

Look at the sites that have started to dominate the web search results. Ebay, Wikipedia, Ezine Articles, Squidoo, Hubpages etc. These sites all have fresh human created content on them. Think about that, They all have Human edited fresh content. All of these websites have gotten more and more aggressive at checking to see the content you put on them is original.

You can hardly do a search without coming up with results from one of these Monster human content generators. The search engine gods have spoken, Original content rules.

Human Built is Best

I believe the only way to compete with the Monster Content Generators is to build your website in a tightly focused niche and become an expert in your field. 

If you have researched and written 100 articles in almost any niche you will probably be more knowledgeable than 99 percent of humanity. With a bit of optimizing your site with 100+ original articles will float to the top of the search results.

Why does Original Content Matter?

The Search Engines are learning to be more and more like us when it comes to looking at a website. Every time they find Original Content they remember it. 

If one of your friends just parroted what you already knew all the time, would you listen to them? No, you would tune them out. 

The Search Engines will learn to tune out your duplicate content.

What is Duplicate Content?

Duplicate Content is anything that is copied from another source on the web and added to your site. 

There are a lot of programming based website building plans that take information or articles from the web and place it onto sites. They can take articles from article directories or Wikipedia or whatever and post them on a site. There was a time when this looked good to the search engines. That is no longer True.

The Day of the Machine is over.

From about 1998 until about 2007 a lot of the results from the search engines included Machine built, automated web pages. The programmers were winning. The Search Engines hated showing spammy Duplicate content pages so they have been working very hard to filter out the duplicate from the Original. Be known for Original content, not a ton of copied duplicate content.

Here is a quote from Google Webmaster Central on Duplicate Content:

Duplicate content generally refers to substantive blocks of content within or across domains that either completely match other content or are appreciably similar.

For the rest of that article check out  Duplicate Content Google Webmaster Tools.

What are Block Quotes?

The quote from Google in the previous paragraph is in a Block Quote.

I do not include any Duplicate content on my sites that is not in a Block Quote. I believe the Search engines have picked up on this little trick. The Spam Sites never use Block Quotes….

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