Working With LinkedIn Media

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Working With LinkedIn Media – What Is It?

Here’s a quick introduction from one of my favourite video tutorial providers by Common Craft which clearly explains what Working with LinkedIn media.

Is all about and how it can benefit you and  your business or niche.

Working With LinkedIn Media – Some Top Tips!

The next step of course is to create an Account at LinkedIn and connect up with and build a business community.

Here are some tips to consider helping build your profile and take advantage of how you can find targeted individuals to help promote yourself and your business.

Working With LinkedIn Media

1. Make sure your new account profile is 100% complete which means completing all fields descriptions have a photo of yourself.

Not a funny picture or some landscape and have collected three recommendations from fellow members.

2. Use your contacts from other systems (i.e. Microsoft Outlook) to establish a connection via LinkedIn and become your 1st tier friend.

3. Search for and join various groups in your niche.

Start with no more than 5 which some may need to be approved First by a moderator before being accepted and joining the community.

This will help in finding out what people are discussing promoting and offering.

4. Participate in your new groups by adding a new discussion post and comment on existing posts.

To build a presence and be that active member which in turn starts to build on your connections.

5. Make sure your profile keyword rich to your niche so that you can be found when other people are searching for your expertise.

By modifying your profile you can use several strategically placed keyword phrases which search engines will detect and find you via the LinkedIn media networks.

Once you have built on the above you may want to start your own group and build your own network and community.

What’s the most single benefit you’ve gained from using LinkedIn? 

Please use the reply box below to comment.

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