Your Website Glossary for How to Make a Website Work

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Website Glossary

This is the Website Glossary for How to Make a Website Work

5PP 5 Pillar Program

This is the affiliate program for SBI.

API Application Program Interface

An API is a special program which lets you query a certain database.

AR Autoresponder

An autoresponder is a computer program that automatically answers e-mail sent to it. They can be very simple or quite complex. SBI has a powerful Autoresponder that comes with your website.

BAM Brain Attitude Motivation

This is an SBI Acronym. This is the driving force behind your website. You will need to use your Brain with a proper attitude. The motivation to persist with your learning to build and monetize your website is critical also.

BI! Brainstorm It!

The Brainstorm it tool is the backbone of Site Build it. Check out SiteSell BrainStormer

C2 (C2.0) Content 2.0

Content 2.0 is the latest addition to SBI that allows you to incorporate feedback from your website users into your site. Check out SBI 2.0 This is pronounced “Content two point oh.”

CB ClickBank

Clickbank is the largest digital download company in the world. They are the largest e-Book delivery company. You can be either an ebook writer and post your books or software there to be sold or be a seller of Clickbank products. One of the largest sources of monetizing for many website builders.

CTPM Content Traffic PREsell Monetize

This is the battle cry of SitSell. The whole concept of building a website business revolves around building your website to inform, build traffic, and then monetize. This was first written about in Ken Evoy’s Book “Make Your Site Sell” in 2000. The steps to website success include 1. Building content 2. Building Traffic 3. Writing to “Presell” not sell 4. Monetizing your site

CTR Click-Through Rate

This is usually stated as a percentage. It is the number of Page viewers divided by the number of people that clicked on the link.

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

The FAQs can often answer questions you have about a product or item. Often a Website FAQ is a very good place to find the information you are looking for.

FBI! Form Build It!

Forms on your Web site allow people to give you their address, or email and can be co a lot more things. It is simple to

HTML HyperText Markup Language

For a lot of people HTML is a scary thing but there are a lot of HTML primers that can explain the basics. There are about ten HTML expressions I use all the time that are pretty simple. Do not be afraid to learn a little HTML, it will make adjusting your web pages much easier


A keyword is a word or group of words that a person would put into a search engine to learn something about a particular subject.

KFCP Keyword Focused Content Page

The pages you build in your website will be mainly focused on a particular keyword (or keyword phrase).

LFI! Link Fix It!

Link Fix it is an SBI service that will inform you when a link is no longer working. This service only works on the first two levels of your SBI site. The only place I have seen this service is on SBI.

MI! Monetize It!

Monetize it is a Site Build it Module that becomes available once you have built 30 pages.

MKL Master Keyword List

This is the output from the Brainstormer. Most of the words in this list will be deleted and you will whittle it down to just the most valuable keywords.My first couple of times using the MKL, I was scared to delete words because I thought I might need them later. Be Brutal, get rid of any word you do not want to build a page on right away. You can re-Brainstorm your niche later and pick up the less valuable keywords after you have written about your most valuable keywords.

MoM MailOut Manager

This is your built in Newsletter publisher. Like all other SBI features, you do not pay extra for this feature. As you start building a mailing list this mail out manager will become very valuable to you.

MWR Most Wanted Response

The MWR is what you would like the reader of your page to do. Site Build it has completely reoriented writers on how to get the Most Wanted Response. By informing the reader rather than trying to sell the reader you will take them a step closer to buying.

MYCPS! Make Your Content PREsell!

This book is the baseline of information on how to write to Educate. How not to sell but to help the reader learn enough to make a good decision. This is another way to learn the SBI Way. This is a very good Book you can download for free.  Make Your Content PREsell!

NPI! Name Park It!

Domain name parking service, You can park a domain name and point it to your domain with this service. Your Website Glossary.

ODP Open Directory Project

This was a large project that had the goal of ordering the web with human editors. It was rampant with self serving individuals (maybe just my opinion). There was way too much work to be done without enough benefit to the volunteer workers.

PFCP Product Focused Content Page

Rather than building a page focused on a Keyword your Product focused content page will obviously be focused on a particular product.

PPC Pay Per Click

This is a type of web advertizing where the advertiser pays on the basis of how many people click on their ad. Adsense from Google is an example of PPC. Check out this SBI article on Google Adsense.

RSS Really Simple Syndication

I don’t know how RSS works but one of the busiest pages on my site is my RSS feed. Your RSS Feed will show the updates to pages and the new pages you have added. Luckily the team at SBI knows all about RSS and how to use it to drive traffic to your site.

SBIX SBI! Xpress

This is the regular email update for SiteSell. Lots of good tidbits of knowledge and usually a link to an educational thread in the SBI Forum. From your Website Glossary.

SE Search Engine

The three biggest Search Engines are Google, MSN, and ASK. If you are building a content site your goal is to get as many pages as possible of yours to rank in the top 3 for the keywords your pages are focused on.

Search Engine Results

This is the output of a search engine after a keyword search. The first result down through the tenth result normally show on the first page. From your Site Build It Website Glossary.

SEO Search Engine Optimization

This is the attempt to build or change a web page or website to rank well in the Search Engine Results.

SI! Search It!

Search It! is a SBI built search tool for finding information on the Net.

Site Concept

The central theme or niche that you will build all your site’s pages. Each page in your site will be related to your Site Concept.

SiteSell Website Glossary link to the SBI Action Guide <

*****Words to Define*****

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